Membership Application

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Office of Alumni Association Affairs
P.O. Box 16824
St. Petersburg , Florida 33733


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   Life Membership                                            $300.00

       Subscribing Life Membership                      $300.00 (paid within a 2-year period)

       Student Subscribing Life Membership        $200.00 (paid within a 4-year period)

       Annual GJCAA Dues                                     $35.00 Annually

       Associate Membership                                 $25.00 Annually
                                                                                (family, friends, associates, organizations)


Payment Type

  Check       Money Order       Cash

Please make checks or money orders payable to GJCAA.

Please provide the following information.  All information is confidential.

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Work Phone:              
GJC Degree:             
Years Attended:         
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